• Kikuyu Lawns For The Home

    Our instant lawn is used for very high traffic areas in the community due to its capability to repair itself thick and fast, this is also the same main reason that many homeowners also choose our instant lawn.

    Having busy kids playing sports or slip and slide in the summer in the backyard, Kikuyu can keep up with the busiest of areas.

    Other people will also like Kikuyu for its softness, which also makes for an overall soft lawn, or for its bright vibrant colour. Which when cared for properly, and mowed properly and regularly, can make for a beautiful lawn.

  • We supply instant lawn  for your Gauteng property. It is affordable, looks great, and depending on how big your area is, it can usually be completely laid the very same day it’s delivered. Just think for a moment – no seeds, no fighting off hungry birds, no waiting…. That’s right – INSTANT!!! Your instant lawn will look lovely and inviting without ongoing frustrations.


Create a "Beautiful Lawn" with us in an instant !